Our Story

I, Vikas Mundhra, was associated with iBall since 2001. By 2008 I was already leading a large sales and admin team across multiple states. This is when Vikalp also joined. While working together for more than 10 years, we used a lot of analytics to penetrate the market.In 2018, we started to notice something interesting. Not only our company but our distributors too, were struggling with ERP/Excel reports. And all the generic Business intelligence Platforms were not effective.

Meanwhile, Vikalp prepared a prototype and 3 customers confirmed the order. We were pleasantly surprised. How a simple, delightful and effective BI can empower SMEs.So, after many meetings, even more tea, we came to the observation – People don’t want a heavy tech loaded solution. BI that can integrate with their accounting ERP and a team that understands their business will enable them to grow.It was time to bring technology in a way that people can use easily and effectively. Time to present and analyze data in a way that inspires action and lead to growth.

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