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Built for Enterprises

Just Perfect for Trading, Distribution and Manufacturing Businesses.

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Automated Integrations

World’s easiest integration for Tally, Busy, SAP & many more

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Mobile & Web

Ready App for PC and Mobile [both iOS and Android]

Add SuperPower to your ERP

Complete Visibility and Drill Down for Products, Customers,
Territories and Sales Person

Depth & Width Of Your Distribution

Interactive Maps covering all pin codes of your customers and products with the trend of Active, Inactive and Lost Customers.

Reduce Inventory Cost

Fast moving and Slow moving stock with sales and carrying cost details across Category, Warehouse, Branches etc.

Consolidated & Detailed Reports

Complete Visibility and Drill Down for Products, Customers,
Territories and Sales Person.

All this & so much more

Cross-Sell & Upsell Feature

Filter list of customers who have purchased X item but not Y item. For Eg. Nuts but not Bolts, Printer but not Cartridges.

Payment Followup

Helping you keep track of all outstanding details with auto-reminder and scheduler. Product-wise outstanding along with payment due today can be seen at a click.

Gross Profit

You can drill down to see details of all level of profitability along with Net Landing Cost (NLC) Management module.

Why your Business needs Intelligent Reporting?

To grow your business, you or someone from your team is investing a lot of time in collecting data from different ERP-generated reports and collating them to create the report that you actually need to make informed decisions.

  • Real-Time Reports
    The time difference between when you want a report and when you get a report leads to lost opportunities
  • Customizable Dashboards
    With the constantly changing business dynamics, your reporting requirements are always changing. Lack of proper reports results in a latent loss.
  • Save Time & Money
    Are you wasting a lot of time in preparing & sharing various daily, weekly or monthly reports and price-list on WhatsApp and Mails. It’s inefficient.
  • Roles & Rights Management
    Give your team rights to just the data that they need. Controlled visibility to team is as easy as making a few clicks.

Your Business is Unique. We've got it Covered!

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